Scientists have disproved the myth that vaccination can be harmful to children

Scientists have disproved the myth that vaccination can be harmful to children

Nowadays the parents who have never faced dangerous infectious diseases (such as whooping cough, rubella, measles or mumps) can be misleaded by false information about potential harm that vaccination can cause to children. There is a myth that vaccines can lead to autism and can even become the reason for death. However, these myths are absolutely wrong.

Australian scientists have conducted research and found the reason why this false information is so widespread. The fact is that the first syndromes of genetic and other diseases appear at the age of about 6 months. Vaccination is usually done at 2, 3 and 4 months, and this leads to further wrong assumptions.

In 1974 the first scandal took place in Great Britain: some kids parents claimed that vaccination caused neurologic complications to their children. The government solved this problem by paying monetary compensations, and the distrust of the population was thus confirmed. As a result, the level of children’s vaccination dropped from 81% to 31%, causing a mass epidemic of whooping cough. More than 20 kids died during one year, and thousands were taken to hospital with severe pneumonia and brain damage caused by the infection. The fear of the disease made vaccination popular again and the incidence went down. This tragedy proves that vaccination protects children.

Scientists appeal to the government to prevent false information from spreading in the society, in order to preclude the occurrence of grave problems in the sphere of public health. The advantages of vaccination far outweigh the very small risk of unwanted side effects.

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