“I Want It Now»— Children’s Wants and Needs

“I Want It Now»— Children’s Wants and Needs

This is a major step that all parents experience during their tenure of parenting and another part of this is dealing with the child’s wants and needs. As parents we should start addressing children’s wants and needs from an early stage and continue the process throughout this period as they grow into young adulthood. It is important that we figure out what our children’s real needs are, and how to handle a situation when they begin to want things they don’t need. Then we have to tackle situations where our children are sadden, angry, or frustrated over their needs and wants. It is our great desire that we ensure our children are totally happy in life but it is so hard to give the child everything they want when we are currently experiencing financial struggles in the world today.

The main thing our children need is a lot of undivided ad warm attention from parents and others who are in their surroundings. Children need to be treated with respect, they need to play for fun, and large areas so that they constantly experiment, they also need positive feedback to who they are and what fascinating experiments they do.

Children need to be given information about the things that happen around them; from the start of their life their minds constantly observe things that take place around them. Children sometimes grasp far more than we even realize. Sometimes when we have done our very best to meet their need, there is still a gap where they need attention, and this sometimes happen at a moment when parents are unable to give them. You see, when we as parents understand our children fully, and are able to give them mostly everything they need then we make a big difference in their life.

Children obtain feelings of neediness, this may include: the need for food, attention, physical closeness and reassurance that even though things may look bad at times everything will work out just fine.

At times children go through some experiences, where they have a big need and this need isn’t filled. They may have a need to feel safe, cherished and close especially in the days directly after birth. Sometimes the need for safety occurs when the child has been separated from the parent for a medical purpose and these feelings are usually tackled by the hospital staff and the needs are not met however when the child return his parents arms the needs are met but the earlier feeling may still linger and cause the child to be restless and not able to sleep well or cries a lot for no reason.

Children may obtain feelings from incidents that we as parents consider uneventful, and these incidents may be in the form of: when daddy goes to work or when the mother abruptly leaves the child to attend to another matter. Hence, these experiences of need leave some negative feelings on the child that is brought until they are able to forget them.

Deep inside the children are aware that their feelings need to be addressed, and so sometimes children set up situations where it is highly unlikely that you the parent will need their need, this is done to show how much they hurt or cry and eliminates all previous feelings, Eventually they will be able to function more logically and boldly, and feel much better about themselves.

So this explains why they fling a toy across the room, and throw a tantrum to get it back, and then repeat the actions even though you’ve given them the toy back. Parents we just need to constantly have our children’s best interest heart, know their wants and needs, and ensure they get what they need.

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