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Tips on Returning to Work after Giving Birth

Tips on Returning to Work after Giving Birth

Every mother is a working mother, but some also work outside their homes. If you are already established in your work, you may have the status and the accrued salary advances that come with experience; you may have seniority or the benefits of a unionized job; you may have accrued additional weeks of vacation and other advantages of long employment. Wherever you are in your work life, your employment situation and goals will have to be considered as you approach motherhood, whether for the first time or again.

Which Path to Take?
There are three basic questions you need to ask yourself before you bring your baby homeЎЄlong before. They are:

— Do I want to work full time after I have my baby?
— Do I want to be a stay-at-home mother?
— Do I want to work, but with reduced hours and perhaps ...

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