Preventing Malposition before Delivery

Preventing Malposition before Delivery

The best way to avoid these complications is to make sure that the baby changes position well before delivery, and there are several ways of doing this.

You may be able to tell if your baby is breech if you can feel a hard head bruising your ribs or if you get sudden sensations of urgency when the baby kicks you in the bladder. If the baby seems to be fixed in this position at around 32 weeks if it is your first baby, or 35 weeks if you have already had a child, you can take the following steps to help yourself. You can try and persuade the heaviest part of the baby — the head — to shift downwards by inverting yourself and allowing more room for a change in position. The best way of doing this is by holding yourself upside down in a swimming pool as often and for as long as is possible. You can also try the same sort of thing at home by lying with your hips higher than your head. This can either be on your back with a pite of cushions under your bottom and the soles of your feet on the floor, or by kneeling on the floor with your bottom in the air and your head resting on your arms on the floor. Try to sleep with three or four pillows under your bottom.
It can help to relax completely and talk to the baby, explaining why you want it to move. Visualise its head downwards. If the baby’s bottom has engaged you will need to make the angle of inclination steeper in order to disengage it. You will probably know when the baby turns because it can feel like a big upheaval within your abdomen, which may even be painful.

If these techniques fail it is worth trying acupuncture or homeopathy. A homeopathic remedy is to take Pulsatilla 200 in two doses, two days apart in the 35th week. Consult a homeopath personally if this does not work. Acupuncture is particularly successful in turning babies. Consult an acupuncturist if the baby is breech at 35 weeks.

If you should go into labor with a baby known to be breech and do not have assistance, stay upright or lean forward kneeling or adopt an all-fours position for the birth and allow the baby to deliver itself, which it can do. No one should touch the baby, until its head is born.

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